Month: June 2008

The Matrix Theory

The One. Trinity. Sion. The Choice. Sound familiar? Well, this is undoubtedly the best concept to have emerged out of a movie in a long long time. The number of ways this can be related […]

The masterpiece is back!!!

As i was walkin down the road,carrying my entire huge load,i stopped to drink water,wat happened next i’ll tell u later..started my journey with rs.50 in my pocket,there’s a very sexy heroine in hollywood called […]

A Band Tale – Part I

Once upon a time, in the far far away land of Ahmedabad, there was this Tall Thin One with long hair and a big nose. He had a crazy passion for drumming. Then there was […]

Life – Part II

Well,That was my first blog.. ever… I dont know why i took so long to start off… I love giving gyaan… its part of my whole Cancerian persona… I have a lot to talk, and […]

Hello World

Life is weird… One day you are at the top of your world; the next day you find at your backside screwing you like there’s no tomorrow. Thats life… Peter Ferdinand Drucker , widely considered […]

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