Maadjaapaahit, The Pride Hotel, Pune – Relive Indonesian Royalty

Maadjaapahit, an Indonesian fine-dine restaurant boasts of a diverse menu, showcasing delicacies from the regions of Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei Singapore, Philippines and East Timor. #baconbaba takes a bite of Indonesian royalty

Polka Dots – Bistro & Bar – Old wine in a new bottle

A couple of days back Polka dots started their much awaited Bistro at Westend mall. Swanky, classy and high end, Polka Dots Bistro and Bar retains its old charm,with familiar faces to take your order. #baconbaba tried out the new and improved Polka Dots, Aundh

I’m Lion – strictly non-veg

I'm lion - strictly Non-veg, Bavdhan For the longest time I've been hearing this restaurant being named amongstĀ the best seafood restaurants in Pune. Today this belief has been confirmed. Pomphret Fry. The best pomphret fry I have ever had. This is all I can say. A fresh, fat pomphret, fried with a coating of rava [...]