90s boy pizza baconbaba

“90’s Boy Pizza” – Boy what a pizza!

90’s Boy Pizza

90’s Boy Pizza is a newly opened pizza and fast food joint opened up at Wakad (near Dakkhan Spice). Last night they graciously sent over some of their best stuff for a complimentary tasting. Here’s what I tried:

1. Half n Half non veg Pizza (12”) – Chicken pepperoni + Mexicana chicken

90s boy pizza baconbaba
Thin crust pizza, with a generous amount of meat, and a well made tomato sauce base. I, personally, prefer pork pepperoni, though the chicken pepperoni was good as is. The Mexicana had a bit of spice, with loads of jalapeno and red pepper flakes thrown in.

2. Mac n Cheese Non veg Pasta

Super cheesy, loaded with olives, with a strong flavor of oregano. A well made Mac n Cheese, with a whole lot of chicken chunks. A quick whirl in the microwave, and I was in cheesy heaven

3. BBQ Chicken Fries

French fries lathered with a sweet BBQ sauce, cheese and shredded chicken. The BBQ sauce was on the sweeter side, and pared well with the overall mix. However, the problem with getting something like this home delivered is that fries go soggy. I am sure this would taste great if eaten in-house, ensuring the structure of the fries is maintained.

4. Brownie

This truly surprised me. Really well made brownie, gooeey on the inside, lovely crust on the outside, with that seductive burnt flavor from the bottom crust – definitely one of the better brownies, particularly coming from a pizza joint! Do not miss this one!

Overall, its a great new start to this up and coming pizza spot. Quick delivery, competitive prices, and overall good food is pretty much the trifecta to running a good food business.

I was sent the above items as part of a complimentary tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

90's Boy Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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