Sara Soda – Goan Crazy!

Goan vibes in Pune!

Last week I got a chance to hit up Sara Soda – the newest Goan food specialty restaurant making waves in Pune. I was skeptical about it initially, since making the drive from Balewadi to NIBM is quite a task (1 hour +!), but the menu seemed promising, and reviews thus far were positive overall. and man, was it worth it!


The restaurant is split into 3 sections – an open al-fresco area, a downstairs sitting, and an upstairs bar area. Loads of seating will ensure that your big groups can easily be accommodated. the overall feel is bright, airy, full of graffiti and colorful – very Goan, very cool!

Chicken Cafreal and Prawns Balchao

chickean Cafreal sara soda baconbaba
Chicken Cafreal and Prawns Balchao

We kicked off proceedings with the Chicken Cafreal and the Prawns Balchao. The chicken cafreal was absolutely delectable. A dry-ish green masala with hints of coconut and green chilly, with loads of coriander, ginger and garlic, the overall flavour was this lovely amalgamation of sweet spicy and sour. Paired with the Goan rice cakes Sannasthe coconut based “idlys” added a lovely flavor to the chicken. The Prawns were a bit on the sweet side, and tasted good too.

Beach Shack Style Beef Chilly

beef chilly sara soda baconbaba
Beef Chilly

Took me back to St Anthony’s at Baga Beach, Goa – beautifully cooked beef, with sweet, sour n spicy notes, loads of onions and capsicum with a hint of vinegar and chilli, absolutely delicious to eat!

Ros Omlette with Poi and Chicken Curry

Chicken Ros Omlette sara soda baconbaba
Chicken Ros Omlette

The Ros omlette with Poi is a typical Goan snack. The Chicken curry pairs famously with the omlette, adding ladles of oomph to this simple snack. The Poi served in-house is soft, and perfect for dunking into the chicken curry along with the omlette.

Mutton Vindaloo

Mutton Vindaloo sara soda baconbaba
Mutton Vindaloo

A lovely take on the traditional Goan Vindaloo recipe, this had lovely hints of wine and garlic. The mutton was beautifully tenderized. You could tell that it had been marinated in the requisite spices for a while, giving it that depth of flavor required.

Goan Fish Curry

fish curry sara soda baconbaba
Fish Curry

We opted for the surmai here. The Curry itself was as authentic as can be, lightly spiced and with a hint of green chilly. I wish the fish it self were a little more fresh, but that could be me and my choosy fishy nose 🙂

The Fish Bowl (Cocktail)

fish bowl cocktail sara soda baconbaba
Fish Bowl

We opted for the Fish bowl. This is Sara Soda’s Frankenstein monster of a cocktail – a crazy hybrid between a Red Wine Sangria, a Fruit Punch and a Long Island Iced Tea. This is as potent as it is delicious. Pears, apples, oranges and mint adorned the bowl, in this very boozy, very addictive cocktail. Proceed with caution, and definitely do not drink and drive after this!

Sizzling Bebinca with Ice Cream and chocolate sauce

sizzling bebinca sara soda baconbaba
Sizzling Bebinca

Bebinca, itself, is a delicious traditional Goan sweet. At Sara soda, the Bebinca is topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce and served on a bed of sliced pineapples on a sizzler plate. While I love bebinca in its purest form, the bits of bebinca that touched the sizzler plate did end up getting burnt, leading to a borderline unpleasant taste. Conveyed this to the chef and he promised to ensure that the pineapple bed protects the bebinca completely from the hot plate.

Apart from the Goan specialty food, Sara Soda also serves a host of sizzlers and steaks – something I am definitely going back for! Overall, a fantastic place, serving delicious Goan food. Do not miss this one!

I was invited for a complimentary tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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