Dalchini – The Bohri Thaal

The Bohri Thaal

Last week #PEO was filled with posts about the Bohri Thaal at Dalchini. With my parents in town,and their anniversary tomorrow, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for my maiden visit to this highly popular restaurant. A quick chat with Chaitanya Adgaonkar gave me the assurance that I would get the Thaal served today for lunch for 4.

The Thaal itself is quite an experience. Starting with Kharaas (salt), and alternating between sweet n salty, the dishes just kept hitting us one after the other, just like the Sunrisers Hyderabad batting line up.

Kharaas – Salt

The salt acts as a palate cleanser, prepping you for the food that is about to come.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba salt

Mithaas – Roohafza and Rose Ice Cream

Once you are prepared for the meal, you are presented with the first round of ‘Mithaas‘ – in this case, some chilled Roohafza with sabja seeds, and a delicious Rose Ice Cream.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba rooahfza rose ice cream
Roohafza and Rose Ice Cream

Kharaas – Kababs

The Roohafzha and ice cream course was followed by a round of kababs – The velvety texture of the Shami Kabab, the crisp shev/noodles (?) coating of the Russian Curlets and the demure Mutton Samosa kept us going ‘ooh!’ with every bite.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba mutton samosa
Mutton Samosa
dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba russian kabab
Russian Cutlets
dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba shami kabab
Shami Kabab

Mithaas – Kalamra

After we finished off the 2nd round of kababs (repeats of course!), the Kalamra came to our table. A lightly sweetened rice kheer topped with shaved almonds, grated coconut and pomegranate , this round of mithaas totally cleared our palates for the next round.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba kalamra

Kharaas – Mutton Korma, Kabab ki Tarkari

As we shifted to the main course, we received twin bowls of Mutton Korma and Kabab ki Tarkari (chicken). The Mutton Korma was sublime in taste and texture. The meat melted between our fingers, while the dahi based curry hit us with waves of flavour. The Kabab ki Tarkari was a curry made with chicken kheema balls. Quite tasty in its own right, this paled in comparison to the Mutton.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba chicken mutton korma
Kabab ni Tarkari and Mutton Korma

Chicken Seekh Biryani

The coup de grâce of the thaal was the Chicken Seekh Biryani. With fragrant saffron rice, fried onions, and chicken seekh kababs, this is one of the tastiest biryanis I’ve had in recent times. Definitely going to reorder this in my next visit to Dalchini.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba chicken seekh biryani
Chicken Seekh Biryani

Mithaas – Beetroot Halwa

The last course was the beetroot halwa. By this time we were so stuffed,we could barely finish one amongst the 4 of us. We did, however, have the lovely mitha paan served at the end.

dalchini the bohri thaal baconbaba beetroot halwa
Beetroot Halwa

For ₹600/- per person, this is more than VFM – its a killer deal. A carnivore’s dream,this bohri thall is something you must not miss this ramzaan season.

Total bill for 4 – ~2500/-. Paisa vasool!

#baconbaba is sooo happy!

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