Tirangi Misal – 3 ways to not make misal

Tirangi Rassa Misal, Balewadi
Location : next to Mitcon International School

Tirangi misal opened up a couple of weeks back. Finally got around to trying it out.

The tirangi misal is named such thanks to the 3 types of rassa they serve. In the first pic below, from bottom to top, these are- Khandeshi, Kolhapuri and Konkani.

Khandeshi rassa contains strong flavors of kaala masala. The Kolhapuri one is just hot spicy chilli. Konkani rassa is mild, with coconut milk roundinh off the flavor. All three rassas have a distinct spice note that hit you at the back of the throat.

In my honest opinion, these 3 rassas are basically just curry – put an egg or chicken into them and they would stand up nicely as the respective curries in any decent restaurant. However, as a misal, they are just blah. I personally didn’t enjoy it. It felt like a salman movie, like a one time watch, rather than an Andaz apna apna that you can go to again and again.

They have multiple options, which are basically permutations and combinations of the 3 gravies including a “Chintu Pintu misal” which contains only the khandeshi and konkani rassa, with the matki/farsan mixture topped of with tutti fruity and a cherry (really???)

They have a Special thali version (80/-) that comes with pav, papad, dahi and a jalebi. The jalebi was stale and the pav wasn’t toasted. The extra pav we ordered later were toasted.

Go there. Try it once. Have a laugh. And move on.


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